Side Hustles 4 College Students


Side Hustles 4 College Students. Raise your hand if you’re tired of not having your own money in college?

Don’t be shy! I’d raise my hand too. 

Having your own money gives you the confidence to control where your money is going without regulations from whomever you receive money from. 

In college, when you ask yourself this question, the first thing that should pop in your head is side hustles. 

Side hustles are literally created to help people that need money, have money when they need it. 

What is a side hustle? 

A side hustle is essentially a way to generate additional income, aside from your main stream of income. If you don’t have an income, then this will be your quickest way to make money, aside from getting the actual job. Keep in mind, side hustles do require additional time and effort it’s not like you can do it one time. And you’re good to go, like is passive income. It can be passive income, but you do have to put in some work in order to make money.

How do you get started with side hustles? 

First thing you want to do is figure out something that you’re good at. I know that sounds like so cliché and whatever. But it’s true. Like, think about one thing that you’re good at and see how you can make money from it. So for me, I don’t mind driving. So I’ll look into, okay, what are the things I can do that require driving? Or I don’t mind being on my laptop, what are the things I can do that are virtual? Find different things that you’re good at and you don’t mind doing. 

So here are 4 types of Side Hustles that you can start doing today:

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is basically an affiliate link program. 

I know you’ve probably heard of affiliate links before, and you’re like what is that? Affiliate links are basically a link that is affiliated with a company. 

They essentially want to make money so you get a link from them, send it to somebody so they can purchase something from the company. And then in return, you get profit from helping this business, gain revenue. 

It’s a really simple, fast process. But the thing is you have to actually get people to buy things, or even the things that they buy, often, you can be like, Oh, let me send you the link for it. 

So Amazon Associates is really helpful. And it’s really easy to sign up. 

How to get started with Amazon Associates?

  1. Sign up. The first thing you want to do when you sign up, is you have to have an Amazon account. If you have an Amazon account, perfect. If you don’t, you definitely want to create an account. After that, when you get to the Amazon Associates page, you will then put in your information as far as where you live, and etc.. 
  2. Add website or mobile apps for link location. After that you will go to the page where you have to add the websites or the mobile apps that you will be using. 
  3. Completing the sign up. Then, they’ll ask you some more questions about store ID (Make up one),  taxes, payment information. 

Commission is 10% of each purchase. 

Additional comments on Amazon Associates: 

Amazon Associates is a great way to make money. 

And when you get to the store ID card, because when I got there, I was confused. I was like, “I don’t have a store ID”, lol. You can just make up one. 

And make sure you read everything carefully. So you know what you’re signing for, in which you’re checking the boxes, you’re checking and everything. Make sure you read that. But it’s simple process, definitely look into it, you can make some money.

2. Fetch Rewards ( Referral Code: 26R6YF)

I know it sounds like something with dogs, but it’s not. It is but it’s not because it’s a dog. 

So basically, Fetch rewards is a rewards program where you can take your receipts and scan them. In return you get coins, which will be put towards a gift card of your choice.

How to get started with Fetch Rewards?

  1. Download the app to sign up.  So when you download that app, it will let you sign in to create an account. If your friend or somebody has a referral code, get that code so ya’ll both can get coins. You will need this code before you complete your sign up otherwise ya’ll will not be able to receive the bonus points. And then its going to ask you some questions, of course about your name, birthday, etc. And then you’re you’re good to go!
  2. Start scanning receipts. Once you get in, you snap your first receipt and get the process rolling. When I tell you every receipt that I have, I scan it every receipt that I have, I scan it!
  3. Earn coins to cash in for rewards. After you’ve earned a certain amount of points, you can cash it in for a gift card of your choice. 

It’s just it’s just a really cool way to utilize your receipts. 

I’ll be at a restaurant and I’m like, anybody wants a receipt? Let me know. Or let me just let me get your receipts so I can scan it. And then I tell them about the fetch rewards. And They’re like, “Oh, that’s cool.” 

Get people to sign up, make sure you give them your referral code. And then y’all both will get coins. 

3. DoorDash

DoorDash, I know everybody’s heard of DoorDash. But some people haven’t. You know, I’ve seen so the dive into DoorDash and things like that. So why not,  talk about it? Let’s talk about it. 

DoorDash is essentially a great way to deliver food or products to customers. 

So you know when you have like food delivery from Domino’s, or Pizza Hut or something like that, they essentially need help delivering, they can’t do it all on their own. 

So that’s why DoorDash is here.

DoorDash is here to be another party that will help deliver your food products etc.

How to get started with Doordash?

  1. Requirements. You’ll need a car, your driver’s license, they will give you a cash card which is called the red card, and they will give you a bag for the food.                                  Having these items will allow you to work as a Dasher for DoorDash. Without these, it’s gonna be a little hard. 

But once you get the ball rolling with DoorDash, you’ll be making money, you can make some serious money from DoorDash. 

And It’s really easy to sign up.

  • Sign up. So first things first, of course, they’ll ask you about your driver’s license, your name, your birthday, where you live, your banking information in order to deposit your money. And then also they ask about taxes. Of course, they need will your social security. They get all this information so everything is on their taxes, on your taxes, and nothing’s being left out. After this you are good to go!
  • Delivering food or products. Press Dash then Dash Now unless you want to schedule a time to work, press the Schedule tab if you want todo so. 

Orders will pop up, you must accept the order before the timer is up which means someone else will receive the order.

After accepting the order, drive to the location of the order, there is a gps that you can use to get there. Once you’ve picked up the order, make sure you mark it on the app, it will ask you if you picked it up or not.

After picking up the order, use the gps to drive to the customer’s house, drop off the food according to your customer’s preference, snap a picture and go on to the order.

Benefits of Doordash:

DoorDash is a really great way to also get out the house, want to get out the house or get out your dorm room and just go deliver food, get some fresh air this is a great way to do that. 

And also to find out about these amazing food places around you. Because a lot of places I went to I was like, “I did not know that that was here. And that food smells really good. I’m not gonna eat their food, but it smells really good. It really does.” Lol.

So DoorDash is, it’s a great way to just scope around the area, find out about different food places also about different products as well. Because you may have to go to like Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree or Walmart or something like that. It just depends on what company is associated with doing that. And uses DoorDash as a third party to help customers and become more convenient for the customer. And so they will not have to come out.

4. Woo Commerce

This is for digital templates. 

Me personally, I love WooCommerce because it’s really simple. 

Literally, it shows you step by step, what you need to do. And it just makes, it just makes the process much easier. 

How to get started with Woo Commerce?

For example, so let’s say you’re into budgeting. 

So let’s say I want to make a budget template, I can essentially go to Google Sheets, make a budget template, and then go to WooCommerce and start plugging things. 

1. Getting everything started. Create an account. They’ll ask for your email, name, etc. Once you get in, go to Products, Add New. Then start  plugging in the name of the template, the actual template link, picture for the template, etc. 

It will also allow you to add in how much you want it to cost, if you want it  to be on sale, how long for the sale, when will the sale start and end, and the percentage off. It gets really detailed. 

2. Make sure you add a picture for template. I think it’s very important for your customer to have like a visual representation of what they’re buying. Because if there’s no picture, nothing, it’s just like what am I buying? Am I just buying a template or am I actually buying a budgeting template. 

3. Benefits of Woo Commerce. And WooCommerce has a great system It has a readability which shows you if you have or do not have enough words. For the template, it will have a certain face such as a sad face, happy face, or stale face as their grading scale. 

This is very beneficial because it will let you know what you need to fix in order to grab the reader’s attention. I love this because the thing is, we don’t have that many apps and websites that will actually show you, hey, you need more words, etc. 

The digital products with WooCommerce, you can create a website. So your digital template, or products will be on the actual website versus just up in air. And you just sending the template, whenever somebody asks for it. 

It actually makes sure you have a website and makes sure you to get paid from the templates. Definitely check out Woo, commerce. Definitely easy sign up. Of course, they’re going to ask for all your information. And then you can get started from there.

What’s Next?

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