How To Make $$$ From Your Closet


How to make $$$ from your closet. Raise your hand if you have tons of clothes that you don’t wear or still have the tag on it?

Don’t worry we are definitely in the same boat! Lol.

We are always looking for ways to make more money and this is a great way to get started!

What is passive income?

So we’re saying, take your old T shirts, shorts, jeans, shoes, whatever you got that’s old and you don’t wear it or never worn them before, pull it out your closet, because we’re about to sell it and make some money from it!

How do you get started with selling your old clothes online? 

1. Download the app of your choice. 

2. Set up your account login. 

3. Take pictures of the clothing you want to sell. Make sure to take as many pictures as you can of the item to help the buyer make a better and quicker decision on whether or not they want to buy.

We have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 6 different websites and 1 physical location that you can visit to start selling your clothes today!

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace | OutwitTrade

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is very popular nowadays because it’s very simple and very easy to just post your item, get people to contact you, ship it to the buyer or meet up with them and make your money.

Let me explain the process.

When beginning, I took pictures of the item I wanted to sell. (Take as many pictures as you can, so that the buyer can get a better look and a better description, visual representation of what they’re actually buying.)

After I took the pictures, I posted them on to the outline that I have for the seller selling the item. After that I put men’s Nike shorts, so just given short title without the making mall or anything. And then after that I put in how much cost? And then the category and then the condition. So it is new word used and how used is it. So then the buyer can say, okay, these look a little worn out or No, these are brand new, basically. So and then after that, put a description describing the size. If you did wear them a lot, that’s good to know. Any any other details that would help the buyer make a better decision of okay, I’m gonna buy this or Okay, no, I’m not from my office, it really helps. And then after that is going to take you to another page where it’s going to talk about shipping, if you want to ship it, or you want to just do pickup, a lot of times, they may tell you to do the shipping part because the person may not live in the same area as you or in the same state. So it may be easier to add that up there. I personally paid the prepaid shipping label. So I don’t have to go on my way, take it to post office or UPS and paid like 20 $30 for a shipping label. That’s a lot. So the prepaid, I feel like that’s much cheaper option. And that’s much better. So but that’s you don’t have to do the same. And after that, it will take you to it, we’ll make sure it has your name correctly. And then you can set up your banking information after that, and then publish. It’s very simple. And then after you publish it, you just wait for somebody to message you say hey, is this available, you know, if everything works out, do what you got to do. And it says that it takes it usually deposits within 20 days for the money to be in your account. So unless they go through a different way of giving you the money, so that part is over you however you want to go about getting your money. 

OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. - Apps on Google Play

2. OfferUp

 Offer up  is fairly popular. 

It’s used a lot nowadays, just like Facebook marketplace. So I’ve inserted a picture right here showing how the structure is when you’re selling the item. So I was selling my fashion lowbush denim shorts. So first things first you want to have the photo, then you’re gonna go over to the details and then price and then finish is a very quick process. I just put in my photo of the short said I want to sell put in the title. After that you go into the details of it. know the brand, the size, the category. And if it’s good, or use just depends on the condition of the shorts. So you’ll base it off of that. And then you go into the price how much you want the price to be. And then also, they asked you if you want that price to be fair. So like, they don’t, you don’t want the price to go down. If somebody says, you know, I want to choose the price, or if demand is low or something like that, you don’t want the price to change, you want it to stay how it is. So I think that was really cool. And then when you get to the finish, then that you, you know, if you want to do the shipping nationwide or not. And there is a 12.9% service fee. If you do then nationwide shipping. So make sure you keep that in mind.

The Rise of Depop | Peacock Plume


Depop is a really cool marketplace where you can sell clothes orshoes, or maybe a cute little shopping bag. So I found this all while ago. My cousin was using it on Instagram, and she’s making money from it. So I was like,  okay, cool. I’m gonna go check it out. So I inserted a picture here showing the Levi’s shorts that I just put on Depop that are currently selling. So I took a picture of the front and the back of the shorts, inserted there. And then I put in a title and some hashtags. So when somebody’s looking for cash acted on, there’ll be one farmer shorts. And then also you can put in the condition of the shorts if it’s used or good or brand new. And then you put it into brand size the and the cool thing about Depop is that you can put like, oh, it’s cotton, or oh, it’s elastic. Yeah. I found that really interesting. Like the other apps didn’t do that. But those did. And then also once you get towards the bottom, it will ask you about you know, domestic, shipping and then worldwide. 

Mercari: Your Marketplace - Apps on Google Play

4. Mercari. 

So Mercari is another marketplace where you could sell your shoes, your clothes, whatever it is that you want to sell, you could sell on Mercari. So I’ve inserted a picture right here showing the shorts that I sold. And I know I’m saying a lot about shorts is because I have so many shorts, and I had to get rid of them. So I do a whole new spring cleaning, spring/ summer cleaning. So all these are gonna be talking about shorts. So I’m selling my H&m shorts that I got, I think about like maybe like two to three years ago, their mom shorts, the really cute but it’s just kind of like so you can put in the title. Usually, it will generate like a title already for you, then you could put in your hashtags and categories. So if it’s women’s, athletic wear, maybe the sports bras or something, it just depends. And then you can also put in your size, the condition if it’s good, use new, whatever. And then you’ll get into the shipping if you want to do shipping or you want to do local. So they do have people that can come and pick up the item from you and take it to the buyer. So you just have to make sure you put that in that you want someone to pick it up. And then from there, you will put in your address and verify your phone number and everything. So you know they know that you’re real and stuff. And to just have that verification on one file. And then after that you put in the price and then you’ll click on list. And more. 

eBay - Home | Facebook

5. eBay

eBay has been on and poppin for so long. I remember eBay when I was younger, I would try to get the latest Jordans from eBay because they were sold out and I was just like I want them so bad but in reality I think I get them Nope, I did not get the from Ebay. I just didn’t get them. But you eBay is a really great marketplace to slowly sell. And so I inserted a picture here showing the structure the structures will The different plan from what I remember. So basically you’re putting in like everything. So equipment everything beforehand. And then after that it generates a search. So you can find that specific items. So you can say, the lever I chose to put on. So I put in the brand, the color, size, the condition, the category, everything. And then it basically tried to generate and see if they already happened. So they had something that was similar but not like directly the same Levi short set of I’m trying to sell. So I didn’t actually select one of the ones that came up on the search. So I just went on to the next page. And that’s where you can put in the actual picture of the shorts or whatever item that you’re trying to sell. And then it’ll have like everything that from the search that you did, the category, the size, the color, the brand, all that into the description. So make sure you play you know, it’s women shorts, for example, sighs having time to learn them, I feel like that makes it easier for the buyer be like, Oh, the reward a couple of times, okay, that’s fine. So buy them, because they still know, then you’ll go into the pricing, how much you want to bid price for. So for eBay, they do like a bidding. So the highest bidder will obviously get the shorts really depends on you. So you can set a flat price that that’s maybe $16 that a buyer could say, hey, alright, I want this short. So I’m just not going to bid on it, I’m just gonna go ahead and buy the shorts for $16. So you can do that as well. And then on the other hand, if you want to do the, if they want to do the bidding, the bidding usually lasts for like seven day auction. So that’s recommended by eBay. And the buyer can decide what it wants to do. Like, they’d be like, Oh, let me try to get a lower price for those shorts, or I’ll just go ahead and pay the $16. And then after that, you will go into the delivery. So they work with all carriers, UPS, post office, and FedEx. Depending on how heavy the item is, and we’re shipping that will depend on how much it costs. And then you can set the shipping price for the buyer, which is very important. So make sure you know how much the item weighs and everything. So then you can give them more accurate amount for them to pay for the shipping. After that, it will go into purchases, which is showing like the return policy, things like that. And then you can list your item.

Poshmark, Inc. (POSH) Stock Price, News & Info | The Motley Fool

6. Poshmark 

Poshmark has been around for a very long time. So I inserted a picture right here showing the shorts that I recently just put on there. So I took a picture of the shorts, of course, posted up there, then I put a title a description afterwards. And then I went into the category to size the brand. And then after that I put in the original price that I paid. So doing that generates a suggested price that they come up with that you should put for the actual price. The ad is really cool. The other ones didn’t do that. So I really liked that this one had the low suggested price, because that would make it easier for me to say, Okay, I’ll do $10 That’s not too bad. Like it’s reasonable. So it’s not like you’re putting $20 When you wear the shorts, the five times like gotta be realistic. So I really liked that. And then afterwards, it showed how much you’ll be paid for the shorts after the transaction, everything in the buyer agrees and all that. And then the next page it shows where you want to post the actual shorts. And that was really cool too. Because those that do that and then it allows you like to connect your social medias to it and stuff. So Poshmark I like you. Yeah, definitely another one that I like. So Definitely try that one out. And then after that, you will list your item and you’ll see it on your feed. And that’s it!

Plato's Closet - Home | Facebook

7. Plato’s Closet

 I want to give you all something a little different from just the websites and everything. So many have heard of it, some may not. But plato’s closet, I’ve used this plenty of times, this is more so of a drive to location, rather than do it from home. So basically, you will get the clothes that you want to sell, drive over to the location. And then once you get there, you’re waiting in line to have like a certain section for the clothes that they’ll be buying from you. So they have like this touch, touchscreen, pad thing paddling. And then it’s like a it’s more so like, it kind of reminds me of iPad. To me, it reminds me of iPads. So you’re putting your information like your driver’s license, your contact information, your home location, and then this is just information so they can have in the system. So they know like, okay, you’ll be able to pick it up. And then they can let you know when it’s ready and everything also, so you’ll pick what option that you want, like, text me when he’s ready, or I’ll stay in the store while y’all are looking through my items, and etc. So once you do that, you’ll get a slip from one of the team members, you give them the items, you’ll also put in how many bags you have, once you get the slip, just wait for a text message or unless you’re gonna stay inside the store, you’ll be notified once you get the notification that okay, hey, it’s ready, they will give you the rundown of okay, we’ll buy this, this and that. For this price, you can either say yes or no. And then go from there. It’s a really quick process. If you do agree to the price that they’re asking, then they will cash out the money for you. And then you go about your business, it’s a very quick, easy find with plato’s closet. They have 475 locations in North America currently, and they are expanding. So it may be different in other countries, they may have one or nine. So make sure you’re looking out for other local stores that may be similar to plato’s closet where you can go in and actually sell your clothes to different companies. So make sure you’re looking out for that as well. 

Closing Remarks:

I just want to say that all six of the websites in the one location that I just explained, they are credible. I’ve used them personally myself and just figure out which one you liked the best. That’s why I went through whole explanation of how they are and everything. So you can go from there. And then also make sure you are putting pictures when it comes to the websites, the more pictures the better. So just make sure you’re putting yourself in the buyers shoes like what do you want to see when it comes to buying clothes. You want to make sure you see all the pictures like house sizing and everything and making sure that you are available when someone messages you and just to cooperate and make sure everything flows smoothly. So you can get paid and you can continue to grow your business with selling clothes online.

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