Five Free Things to Do To Elevate Your Finances

With the start of the new year, most of us have ambitious financial goals to put us on a financial freedom path. Below we’ve created a list of 5 free things you may not have considered that can take your finances to the next level.
  • Read! – The average millionaire reads one book per month. How is this connected to your financial goals? Studies show that reading enhances vocabulary, improves writing, and generates a more open mindset for different possibilities. If we want to become wealthy, we must try some of the habits of the wealthy! Not ready to read one book a month? Read a blog post, news article, or something daily. 
  •  Apps: We are a society on the go. We swear by our phones and need everything at our fingertips. Yes, you could opt to manage your money by hand, but why work harder when we can work smarter? There are so many cool apps that help with managing finances. Our favorite for overall personal finance is Mint. You can connect your accounts to everything and watch Mint do its thing. You can set goals and track your progress. Another new favorite is Qapital. This app lets you set goals and makes saving money effortless. You can set weekly savings amounts, save your change, or create custom goals based on whatever you want.
  • Exercise: This one is a best-kept secret. Exercising is a great way to maintain your health, potentially saving you money on medical bills in the future. In addition to what it does for your health, it’s a fair use of time that makes you feel accomplished. The endorphins released after a great work out can help motivate you to conquer more goals, including reaching your best financial life.
  • Accountability Partner- Often, we don’t accomplish our goals because we don’t have someone to hold us accountable. Perhaps you feel like your goals aren’t real until you tell someone about them. It forces you to make that goal come to light because you said you would, and someone heard you. Keeping your word is important! Reaching your goals will be that much sweeter if you have someone to celebrate with.
  • Get Organized- Having stuff everywhere is stressful. Having a clear picture of your financial situation and even just a clear living space will do wonders for your ambition. Need help organizing that financial life? Schedule an appointment to see if we have solutions for you!
Which of these are you already doing? Which can you start today?



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