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Create your budget, debt payoff plan and savings plan real time with a licensed financial professional

Tailored 3 hour bootcamp that will walk you through creating a custom budget, debt payoff payoff plan and savings plan by the end of the session. You will have an easy to follow, step by step guide so you know exactly what to do in order to reach your short term goals. Space  is limited so that everyone has time to ask questions and get detailed support.

Two upcoming sessions. Choose one!

Sunday, June 26th, 2022  5:00PM – 8:00PM ET. 

Monday, June 27th, 2022  6:45PM – 9:45PM ET. 

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You will walk away with:

Let’s organize your money.
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Learn from previous students & hear what they say about sessions with us!

“After working with you two years ago and diving deeper, it changed my view of our relationship with money. I went from investing $5 to hundreds weekly. ”
Alete D.
“We've been saving and paying down debt. Constantly referring to the workbook and the nuggets you dropped. Now both of our cars are paid off, both of our credit cards are paid off and we've jumped our credit scores by 100 points in the paast year!”
Jassmin S.
“Tremaine never prescribes or forces anything, because she recognizes that everyone's goals and financial situation looks different. her suggestions are top notch as an experienced professional in her field, and with the approach she takes...it empowers you to truly make decisions based on where you are at in your financial journey and encourages you to grow your financial acumen and accelerate your growth and mindset around money.”
Candace H.
“Just wanted to thank you for all you've taught me/poured into me over these months! While I feel like I have soooo much further to go I'm proud of myself. It's been a month since I received my last paycheck and I've been able to maintain my same lifestyle, move to a different state, and (I'm a little nervous about this part) will be able to live until my first check comes in (who knows when that will be) and in CASH because of my emergency savings. .”
Jolanda G.
“This was good and helpful for me to understand why I need an emergency fund savings and ways to start it again.”
Ronisha W.
“I just wanted to say thank you. I'm currently out on maternity leave with my newest addition. Thanks to you I'm able to stay home for a longer period of time and take care of my finances! I was able to make better decisions prior to goig out. And I still have a small emergency stash that I don't have to touch.”
Shante' B.

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