7 Mid Year Reset Strategies



What better way to kick off the 6th month of the year with a healthy reset! 

You might be thinking… “Why do I need a reset?” “Life is great and I am going to enjoy life the way I want to… I don’t need a reset” “I don’t even want to think about the past!” 

When I say “reset”, I am talking about having a reevaluation to see what areas you need to change and figuring out what your next move is for the year! 

Knowing what you want in life is so much better than just surviving… We need to get what we want out of life and figure out how to get there. 

The key is always figuring out the “how”. Once you ask yourself “how can I get a million dollars?”, your brain automatically starts figuring out ways to get the thing you want. 

The mind is very powerful and we need to continue to feed it with healthy strategies that will help us stay afloat! 

I have 7 Mid Year Reset Strategies to help you achieve a healthy balance and reset for the rest of the year!

So let’s get into itttttttt

#1: Exercise/ Stretch 

Exercising is such a great way to get pumped and motivated for the last half of the year. 

One thing I love about exercising is being able to go at my own pace. Most of the time I go to the gym or the local track near my house so I can stay as long as I want to and go at a pace that works for me.

I feel like going at your own pace is so important even with life. Learning how to go at your own pace instead of trying to follow other people’s pace will help you achieve success on another level!! 

Always do what works for you so if you don’t like going to the gym then try working out at home or walking around your neighborhood or local track. 

BUTTTTT if you don’t like working out, try stretching or yoga which is much calmer, will make you more relaxed and at peace. It’s also a great way to relieve stress ANDDDD you can find a yoga video on YouTube for FREE!! 

If you want to get fancy, you can get a nice lil yoga mat from just about anywhere for under $20!

So if you’ve never tried yoga before… I suggest giving it a try! 

Exercising and stretching or doing yoga can relax your mind and relieve any stress that you may have had from the past couple of months!

#2: Review Your 2021 Personal & Financial Goals 

I know you wrote down some personal and/or financial goals that you want to accomplish this year and if you haven’t then now is the perfect time to start your list!!

Goals help you stay focused and have something to look forward to while becoming a better version of yourself. 

When you review your 2021 personal and financial goals, take the time out to check off, add, revise, and delete goals that aren’t aligned with your vision for the year.

When looking over your financial goals, make sure you look at your spending habits and your budget. 

Looking at these two things will help you realize if you need another stream of income and where to adjust your spending in certain areas. 

If you do not have a budget or if you need a new template, you can grab one here for $7! 

If you need help finding another stream of income, check the list below! 

Make sure you feel capable of achieving these goals and make sure the majority will get you out of your comfort zone. Staying within your comfort zone will not get you to where you want and can go in life.

It’s time to take that leap of faith and challenge yourself!! Trust me it can be scary but it’s worth it. Do not let fear get in your way! 

#3: Make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night 

Sleep is EVERYTHANGGGG literally getting the proper amount of sleep at night will have you feeling like a million bucks!! Who doesn’t want to feel like that??! I SURELY DO!

Social media can wait, Tiktok can wait, the late-night munchies can wait, the tv show can wait… Your sleep is more important. Prioritize it! 

#4: Drink more water! 

That’s it.. those 3 words.. especially because summer is approaching! 

Try buying a gallon of water and challenging yourself to drink half or the whole thing in 1-2 days. 

I would say try multiple water bottles but that’s too easy! We’re stepping out of our comfort zone so let’s try half a gallon a day and I am going to try it myself! We’re in this together!! 

#5: Journal your new ideas 

When a new idea pops up in your head, write it down immediately anywhere (on the back of a receipt, notes in your phone, a napkin, etc.) why? Because we’re more likely to forget what it was than to remember it unless our memory is really good. I know mine isn’t always good so writing down the idea helps plus you’ll be able to build off the idea while it’s still fresh! 

You can also do a journal reflection about the first half of the year which will help you get some insight on what steps to take to end the year with a greater outcome! 

Journaling not only stimulates your mind but it brings ideas to life and it helps you reflect on where you used to be and where you are now in life. 

So if you haven’t tried journaling, definitely add it into your routine!! 

#6: Read an inspiring book 

For my readers, soon-to-be readers, or retired readers, read at least one inspiring book. It can be short or long but read one! It will change your mindset!! 

I’m serious.. start that book you’ve been thinking about. Purchase that book if it’s within your budget. Listen to an audiobook. Read something, just one before the year is out… that’s my challenge for you! Once you’re done comment below what the book was and how it impacted you!! 

Some inspiring books you can read are: 

  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz (personal fave!!!)
  • The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale 
  • Winning The War In Your Mind by Craig Groeschel
  • All of the You Are A Bada** books by Jen Sincero (personal fave!!!)

& the list goes on. Reading is important so why not read something that will help elevate your mindset!

#7: Go outside to get some fresh air 

Sit out on your patio. 

Sit in your car with the windows down.

Take a walk around the neighborhood. 

Stand outside and just take a breather. 

Getting fresh air can relieve stress and anxiety by sending oxygen to your blood allowing your lungs to work at full capacity. This will help you get more brainpower so don’t wait, get some fresh air today!! 

These 7 Mid Year Reset Strategies will help you elevate and stay motivated for the rest of the year!

You don’t have to do all of them but just test them out and comment below which one helped you the most!



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