5 Steps to Go Back Outside Without Breaking Your Budget



Are you going to answer or decline it??! BECAUSE I SURELY AM!

Due to COVID-19, the outside has been closed for over a year and it is finally open again so why not go outside and get you some Vitamin D sis???!

We have all spent so much time being in the house, learning and working virtually, and having limited access to certain places due to early closing times, and etc. 

It is time to go out and enjoy ourselves so we can continue living our best lives as we should!! 

Of course, we have to wear our masks in some locations and not in other locations if you’re fully vaccinated. 

Despite wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, businesses are still delivering the fun, everlasting experiences to you from many different angles such as virtually, making you feel comfortable with the precautions they’re taking, and etc. which is awesome!

One thing we need to take into account is our cash flow… We need to make sure we have enough money to go outside this summer especially without touching our savings! 

We’re building our savings ALL DAY EVERYDAY, not just this year but this year and every year after this one. We can’t afford to be caught slipping and we will not just because the outside is open and we don’t know how to say no. 

I have 5 great steps to help you and your pockets this summer so keep reading!

Step 1: Analyze Your Budget 

Analyzing your budget will allow you to see how much you can spend on entertainment and eating out this summer!

You may feel like budgeting doesn’t work but no it does!

Budgeting will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration by showing you how much and where your money is going each month. Knowing is better than not knowing and just paying for things when the time comes. It helps you become more structured and disciplined, especially when you don’t have the money to do some of the things that you want to do!

Make sure your budget is REALISTIC and show exact numbers for all of your expenses each month to help you get an estimate of how much you can spend. When I say realistic, I mean don’t put down that you spend $100 on groceries when you really spend $250. The more accurate your numbers are the better!

BUTTTT if you don’t have a budget then grab our $7 budgeting template!

ORRRR if you realize that you don’t have much to spend on going outside this summer then try lowering your monthly bills with Trim or BillShark. You tell them who your bill providers are and they will take over afterwards.. It is that simple sis!

Step 2: Identify Activities You Actually Enjoy 

Figure out what you like to do and not activities that your friends invite you to but you don’t actually want to do but you don’t want to say no, which we’ll talk more about in Step 5!

Identifying activities you actually enjoy will save you so much time, money, and energy because you’ll ACTUALLY enjoy yourself and feel great about your decision. 

You’ll also get to know yourself more, create the best memories, and meet some amazing people along the way which sounds amazingly fun to me! And if you’re shy this will definitely help you break out of your shell and experience life on a different level!

I also recommend creating a fun bucket list of activities you want to do this summer while making sure it’s within your budget. It doesn’t matter if you list 1 thing per month for just you or you and your friends and/or significant other to do, it’ll be 100% worth it. The list can help you be more creative, enjoy life, and keep track of experiences that you’ll remember forever! 

Step 3: Find Discounts on those activities

Once you’ve identified activities you enjoy doing, see if the activities are free for the city you live in on the city’s website. Also, look for discounts on groupon, living social, and other discount websites to see if the activity you want to do is having a deal this summer!

Never be afraid or embarrassed to use a coupon!! It will literally save your life and why full price when you can pay half or nothing at all??! 

Let’s say one of your activities is to have a picnic and paint, you can get some snacks from the dollar store and some painting items from 5 below or the dollar store and BOOM!! You’re within your budget andddddd you’ve got everything you need to have successful outside experience!!

Be open to the different ways to save regardless of using a coupon or shopping at the dollar store because you can have just as much as you would if you spent money out of your spending range!!!

Don’t ever pay full price if you don’t have to and that’s rule #1.

Step 4: Split the costs with friends who also like those activities

You and your best friend like to do the same activities?? Invite them and split the bill. This will save both of yall money while still having fun.. Sounds like a double win to me!!

Step 5:  Learn to Say No to things that are not in the budget and stuff you don’t want to do. 

Now for the final step that’s really going to help you better yourself on a higher level than you’re already on if you don’t already do this…

If your friend really wants you to go somewhere but you don’t want to go, DON’T GO. 

If the activity is out of your spending range, find an alternative that’s in your range or DON’T GO.

We need to learn how to tell people “No” even if it makes them mad and not want to hang around us. And we need to learn how to tell ourselves “No” as well.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the “oh I should buy this to treat myself” “I deserve something nice not cheap” “I should go out for drinks and tacos tonight with the girls, I need it”.

Instead we need to ask ourselves a logical question and answer it..

Ask, is this treat/something nice/drinks and tacos in my budget for the month? If so, go for it. If not, find an alternative or save the treat/something nice/drinks and tacos with the girls for another time. It’ll all be there next time, don’t stress it!

Telling people and ourselves “No” will help future selves by becoming more disciplined, saving money, time, and energy. 

The earlier we learn this the better!

This summer we’re ballin’ on a budget while having fun and doing things that excites us ALL SUMMER. We just have to learn how to have fun responsibly within our budget to protect our future selves and that’s exactly what we’re going to do by following these 5 steps!!!



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