5 Steps On How To Comeback From A Budget Bust



Busting your budget happens, but it’s all about the comeback! Ok your budget is busted, it happened so what’s next? 

Dwelling on it for too long will not help, we have to learn and grow from it. 

Personally speaking, I’ve busted my budget myself; I was mad but I learned from it and I try to avoid doing it again at all costs. 

But the number 1 thing to always keep in mind is the comeback is going to craaaaazy now that we put our feet in the water and we know what not to do.

We have to come up with a game plan to get back on track! 

I have 5 wonderful steps to help you do so! 

#1: Figure what busted your budget 

Seeing what busted your budget can help you become more aware of what area you may spend most of your money in. 

Being aware will help you decide on how much to spend or if it can be cut out of your budget for good. 

#2: Cut Back on spending in that area

If you’re able to cut back on spending in this particular area such as entertainment, personal supplies, restaurants, etc. 

Whichever area held you back last month should not hold you back this month as well. 

Also if you can, cut expenses in other areas too if possible such as for cable, cell phones, insurance, and etc. And if you’re reading and thinking, “Is this even possible? My provider said they gave me the best deal that they had.” That could very well be true but I would reach out to a company that specializes in helping people cut their monthly expenses to make sure.

Some companies that specialize in cutting monthly bills are Trim and BillShark.

Some companies that specialize in comparing insurance companies and receive free quotes in minutes are Gabi and Easy Dental Quotes.

Feel free to check out those companies and see what they can do for you!

#3: Increase Income 

Reminder: Multiple streams of income is the goal everyday. 

Another stream of income can help with soooooo many expenses.. It’s not even funny!

The income can be a part time job or a passive income side hustle or a higher paying job.

Find a stream of income that will benefit you and that you can enjoy at the same time so you don’t become exhausted and unmotivated. An additional income should motivate you to continue to create another one and so on as time progresses. 

The end goal is to not worry about busting your budget because your assets surpasses your budget by 5x, 6x, 7x, or higher. (Speaking it into existence)

If you need help finding another source of income then you’ve come to the right place and I’ve listed a couple websites below that can help you get started!!

And if you find that none of these websites find your niche then try looking on social media and looking on Google. That’s what I always do and it has helped me in the past!

#4: Adjust budget accordingly

After you’ve figured out what busted your budget, cut back on spending in that area, and increased your income, the next step is to adjust your budget according to your new expenses and income. 

If you need a new budgeting template, you can grab one here for $7!

Having a budget that is organized and structured can help you become more aware of where your money is flowing each month. 

Also, make sure the template or organizer you’re using has the specific categories and is not broad. When I say broad, I mean if you have multiple types of insurance, make sure you have a category for each type instead of putting all of them under “Insurance”. This is very important and helpful, try it out for yourself!

#5: Put money aside & name it “budget bust fund” 

Just like we should have an emergency fund… we should also have a “budget bust fund” to have that safety net to fall into if needed.

This fund should be untouched just like your emergency fund and should not be used for fun especially if your bills still need to be paid or if you may need the money for an extra expense. That girls day can wait until you get paid again or find a cheaper alternative that’s in your budget!

Budgeting can be hard but so can having $0 in your savings account. Keep in mind that budgeting will become easier as time goes on, so stay strong, you’ve got this!



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