3 Ways You Can Save Money by Lowering Your Monthly Bills

  1. Negotiate with your bills
  2. Find and cancel useless subscriptions
  3. Negotiate to lower APR and bank fees

Aren’t you tired of paying bills and not being able to save as much as you want each month? In your head I know you said “UH YES!”

Now is the time for us to save as much as we can in case of an emergency, wanting to go on vacation, and etc. 

First thing we should do: start negotiating with our monthly providers such as cable, internet, phone, etc. 

Second thing we should do: find and cancel useless subscriptions. For example, if you’re paying $13.99 for Netflix and you’re constantly watching Hulu then you should cancel your subscription with Netflix to save more. OR you could share the monthly payment with someone to save more.

Third thing we should do: negotiate to lower Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and bank fees that you may have attached to your credit card payments, loans, and etc.

One problem that you may have is not having enough time to sit down and go through each monthly bill and find the phone numbers for all of them.

Luckily I have the perfect solution for you and it’s called Trim. No I am not talking about a trim that you get at the hair salon lol.. I’m talking about Trim the Bill Saver!!!

Trim frees up time and does the work for you by negotiating your monthly bill providers, finding and canceling useless subscriptions, and negotiating to lower APR and bank fees!

Check out Trim for yourself by clicking this link !



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