3 Ways To Reduce Your “Monthly Bills” Stress


Have you ever heard of “monthly bills” stress? Me either! I just slapped a name on stress that you can only get from paying a bill that you don’t want to pay LOL. 

We all have “monthly bills” stress… which is paying for bills that can be lower than what it actually is but we still pay it because we don’t know how to reduce them.

And I like to call “monthly bills” stress because it only comes from making payments each month that we magically have the extra money to pay for. But guess what that’s extra money that can be saved each month for our emergency funds, vacation, retirement plans, etc. 

Sometimes we need to stop and realize that what we do with our money now plays a big part in how much we’ll have tomorrow. 

We spend soooooo much time on IG and Twitter but we can’t take the time out to do some research on companies that can increase our savings and reduce our stress. It’s time for us to put our mental health first and do some research to save our future selves!! 

And the great part about you reading this blog is that I have 3 great ways to help reduce “monthly bills” stress. 

#1: You need to learn how to negotiate.. What does this look like? Great Question. 

A negotiation is when two parties discuss a problem and try to resolve it without arguing. 

For example, you can call your cable provider and ask them if they can lower your monthly payments. They can offer you a lower price, an alternative for your requested service, etc. to meet your needs/request. Whatever price and service suits you, you can agree to it and they’ll make the changes. 

BUT if your cable provider isn’t fulfilling your request then you can shop around for a different cable provider until you are satisfied with the price and service that’s being provided to you (ultimate goal). 

Know that you can negotiate with your cable, cell phone, home security companies, etc. to reduce your monthly payments. It never hurts to ask, it only hurts when you don’t! 

#2: Cancel unnecessary subscriptions such as Pandora or Apple Music if you listen to Spotify more.. You can do this by logging into your account through Safari (Internet) unless it allows you to cancel the subscription on the app. It should say “manage your subscription”, press it then “cancel subscription” will pop up and BOOM you’re done! Extra money in your pocket each month🥳🥳🥳

Holding on subscriptions we don’t use hinders us from having the extra money in the future!

#3: Shop around for new insurance either once or twice a year to make sure you’re not overpaying for insurance. 

I look at insurance as an investment for protection wrapped up in a policy attached with a bill that we may think is useless and takes all of our money but it’s not. LOL

UNLESS you’re overpaying and have been with the same insurance company because you don’t know who to switch to which is PERFECTLY FINE. I am here to help you sis!!

Shopping around for new insurance can be time consuming but it’ll be worth it. You can shop around by writing down exactly what you’re looking for then researching different companies to fit your requests! 

There are also companies that will compare different insurance policies for you such as BillShark, Trim, Easy Dental Quotes, Gabi, and etc. 

You can also test out your negotiation skills that you’ve learn from #1!

Trying these 3 ways can drastically help reduce your “monthly bills” stress, don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself and comment below to tell us if it helped!



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