10 Service Gift Ideas for the Black Woman Entrepreneur in your life


Buying gifts for the people that you care about is hard. Depending on their lifestyle, this task can become even more difficult. Business Owners can be tough to shop for, especially if they are in the beginning stages of growing their brands. If your friend or loved one falls into that category, more than likely, they could use a service as a gift instead of whatever last-minute gift you’re considering (that they won’t use). Here is a list of 12 excellent services you can pay for as a gift that most Black women entrepreneurs can use to build their business. 

1. Business Coach

Help the Black woman entrepreneur in your life by paying for a business coach. All the greats have them! Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Wilma Rudolph. To be the best, you need help seeing your blind spots. Two great business coaches are @kyshira and @mayaelious. Give them the gift of leveling up by giving the services of a business coach. 

2. Financial Planner

Help them secure a future that they deserve with a financial planner. Many Black women neglect to put together a strategy for where they want their finances to go. Working with a financial planner can ensure that they have a plan while securing a more financially free future. They can work on their retirement goals, business finances, housing dreams, or even get to those luxury items they have wanted. Give the gift of financial direction by hiring @tremainewills for your Black woman entrepreneur.

3. Business Brand Strategist

Do you know what would make the Black woman entrepreneur in your life happy this holiday season, a business brand that tells her story!

 A business brand is so much more than a logo and pretty colors. The brand speaks for the business and communicates to the audience. Help your Black women entrepreneur get her brand and message correct by connecting with @gracedtocreate or @betonmybrand.

4. Accountant/ Bookkeeping

So many Black businesses failed to receive funding due to a lack of financial record keeping. Even more, they miss out on significant tax breaks because they don’t track expenses. Don’t allow that to happen for the black woman entrepreneur in your life. Connect with @virtiserv or pay for an annual subscription to @freshbooks to get started. 

5. Copywriter

The story sells. If there isn’t a good story, chances are the black woman entrepreneur in your life hasn’t even scratched the surface of where she can go in her business. Hire a @createwithkay to help her tell her story and connect with her audience. 

6. Marketing Accelerator

Facebook and Instagram can put a business owner in front of millions OF clients who match their target audience…if you know how to find them. Grab a Facebook Ad Course for the entrepreneur in your life and help her reach more customers or clients. @AbuFofanah has a phenomenal program.

7. Calendar

Help your Black woman entrepreneur save with a calendar that sets her up to win. Time is money; don’t let her waste it, sending emails back and forth to set appointments. Gift @calendly or @acuity

8. Social Media Scheduler

Another time-saver. Help the entrepreneur in your life be present everywhere with pre-scheduled posts. SocialBee has inexpensive plans that can connect to all major platforms and for multiple business entities. This is great for Black women who own more than one business. 

9. Email Marketing

Collecting emails is vital to controlling the relationship with existing and potential customers. Help the Black woman entrepreneur in your life build consistent relationships and educate her audience by gifting her with an email marketing service.  Contant Contact or MailChimp are great places to begin. 

10. Business Credit

Credit is leverage. A healthy business credit profile can help the Black woman business owner in your life scale her business without having to rely on personal income. Help her get started with Nav or Equifax for Business



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